The Best Restaurants in Bellingham to Support This Summer

These are the Best Restaurants in BellinghamWhile we know it’s hard to think about things like the best restaurants in Bellingham right now, we think it’s important to talk about them. Washington State has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and many small and large businesses alike have been shuttered for more than 6 weeks at this point.

There’s a very tiny bit of light at the end of this pandemic tunnel, and that is when we are going to need to come out to support our community businesses. The Governor has said that Washington State Parks and other public lands can begin to reopen on May 5th, which is good news for those who want to visit these fantastic areas, especially those up here near Bellingham.

As restrictions begin to ease in the coming weeks, we urge you to keep supporting local businesses, including this list of the best restaurants in Bellingham and our own Bed and Breakfast, as often as you can.  We’re looking forward to a summer of fun up here in the Bellingham and Mt. Baker areas, and we hope you’re ready to join us.  Find a little slice of your own personal paradise, and book a room at our Bed and Breakfast today!

The Best Restaurants in Bellingham

Bellingham is located around 30 minutes from our Bed and Breakfast, depending of course on what part of town you’re headed for. It’s long been a destination for outdoor enthusiasts seeking to hike and explore the Mt. Baker National Forest and the North Cascades National Park. There’s a lot more to Bellingham than the scenery, though, and this summer might just be the perfect time to visit.

Departing from its reputation as a once sleepy town with limited offerings, Bellingham has grown into a spectacular tourist destination with more to offer each year. It definitely has character, and it’s evident everywhere, right down to the restaurants. Foodies will love Bellingham, and once the restaurants are back open, they’re going to need your support.

These are the Best Restaurants in Bellingham

We’ve compiled a list of what we think are the 10 best restaurants in Bellingham, and hope you give these a try the next time you’re here.

  1. Oyster bars are enjoying their moment in the spotlight. It’s no different at Rock and Rye Oyster House, which has a pretty healthy fan base in Bellingham. We particularly love their large outdoor deck on a warm summer afternoon or evening.
  2. The always changing and adapting menu at Saltine is sensational, and definitely at the top of our list of the best restaurants in Bellingham. Their menus feature the finest seasonal ingredients available, and the plates are always well executed.
  3. There’s always a taco lover somewhere in the crowd, right? Tacos are pretty easy to make – true – but when you find a place that makes out of this world tacos, you visit time and time again. The tacos at Black Sheep won’t disappoint! They also have some of the best margaritas and tequila around. And, yes! They are offering them for takeout!
  4. The Temple Bar is one of the best restaurants in Bellingham for date-nights. The plush velvet wallpaper and romantic mood lighting at just as delightful as their cocktails, wine, and beers, paired with a wonderful selection of small plates.  There are a few things you can share here, too, making it a great place to linger and see where the night takes you.
  5. The Old Town Cafe is the go-to weekend brunch spot in Bellingham, and for good reason. We think it makes for an awesome lunch stop while you’re out exploring Bellingham. With menu items made from scratch using local and organic ingredients, you can expect your meal to be delicious. Their walls also feature some truly wonderful local art, that rotates every couple of months.
  6. For some simple but really well-executed pub food, head to Aslan Brewing Company. Menu favorites include things like their fried mac-and-cheese balls, a unique twist on poutine that features waffles, and a bison burger.
  7. If views are what you’re after, a dinner at Keenan’s on the Pier is a solid choice.  Afterward, take a stroll down the Boardwalk and enjoy this beautiful area.
  8. Sample some of Bellingham’s best beer while enjoying a meal at Boundary Bay Brewery and Bistro. Their menu is diverse and has something that is bound to please everyone.
  9. In the mood for a simple and quick burger, but don’t want to sacrifice quality and freshness?  Sometimes it’s really the best meal after a long hike.  You won’t find a better one than at Boomer’s Drive-In, consistently voted the best burger in Bellingham.
  10. For dessert, stop in at Mallard and get some creamy, delicious, old-fashioned ice cream. With 600+ flavors in their database (not all available at all times), you can definitely find a new favorite here.

While we wait for these restaurants to open back up in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, here’s a list of the restaurants currently offering takeout and/or delivery.  Make sure to order out often, and support these incredible businesses if you can!

These are the Best Restaurants in Bellingham

The Best Bed and Breakfast Near Bellingham

Though we’ve tried to narrow the list of the best restaurants in Bellingham down to 10, there are so many more that should be on this list. After enjoying all of this delicious food, you’re going to need somewhere to relax and put your feet up. You won’t find anything better than the luxurious guest rooms at our Bed and Breakfast.

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Whether it’s these restaurants or others, make sure to support your friends, neighbors, and small businesses over the coming months. When you need some time to recharge, there’s nowhere better than our Bed and Breakfast near Bellingham.  Book your room today!